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Websites can even serve to instigate terrorism without anyspecific nexus to the perpetrators. As an example, the Nuremberg Files--aweb-site operated by Neal Horsley, an antiabortion activist in Oregon--listedthe names and addresses of doctors who performed abortions and containedunsubtle suggestions that there should be some kind of retribution againstthem. In February 1999, the site was removed by its ISP after a red line wasdrawn through the name of Dr. Barnett Slepian on the day he was killed by anantiabortion assassin.104 As illustrated by this case, Internet activismblurs the distinctions on acts that constitute terrorism. On the Internet,supporters can openly cheer for al-Qaeda by replicating theorganization's message in the form of videos, audio files, compositeimages, and monographs without resorting to actual terrorism. (105)Furthermore, the new media have the potential to rapidly polarize segments ofsociety and create a charged atmosphere conducive to violence. For example,statements made by Dan Cathy, chief operations officer of Chick-fil-A, inexpressing his opposition to same-sex marriage sparked numerous debates onFacebook and other online outlets. On 15 August 2012, Floyd Lee Corkins II,armed with a 9 mm handgun and carrying a satchel with a bag from aChick-fil-A restaurant, entered the headquarters of the Family ResearchCouncil, a conservative political organization that opposes abortion andsame-sex marriages. He made disparaging remarks about the group and thenopened fire, but a security guard, who was wounded in the attack, wrestledhim to ground before he could inflict more damage. (106)

doctors by erich segal ebook free download 60



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